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How to Build Classic Hot Rod V8 Engine

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How to Build Classic Hot Rod V8 Engine

Part #: BK-300-195

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The classic V-8 engines that got so many hot rodders started-the legendary Ford flatheads and Chevy 348s and 409s-are igniting a whole new generation. This hands-on, how-to guide is the first to give thorough, detailed, and clearly illustrated instructions for a complete buildup of these classics, including the Chevrolet 348-ci V-8 engine, the Chevrolet 409-ci V-8, the Lincoln flathead V-8, and the Ford flathead V-8/60 H.P. Longtime automotive enthusiast and writer George McNicholl offers in-depth and hard-to-find information on engine components and alternative parts, along with parts numbers, current prices, machining procedures, assembly directions, and dynamometer information. His book, illustrated throughout with color photographs, finally puts some of the world's great engines within reach of this generation's hot rodder.